Best Microphone for Conference Calls

Professionalism in today’s fast paced society is paramount. Low quality equipment can make or break your conference call. We’ve all been there, hearing unwanted background noise, echos, humming and buzzing during a professional call.

For the best conference call microphone you need ease of use, high quality audio, a cardoid polar pattern to avoid picking up unwanted background noise.

Below we will compare the best microphones for conference calls. The following products will avoid poor quality audio, and unwanted noise from interrupting your call.

At the end of the article, we have a buyers guide which explains the different aspects of a high quality conference call microphone. As well as answering any questions you have.

Top 5 Conference Call Microphones


Why It's Our Top Pick

The best conference room microphone according to our research, is the MXL AC404. It is designed to capture speech effectively, and that is why it can be used for web conferencing, worship centers, court reporting and so on. You will like its convenient plug-and-play connectivity, making it perfect for all-round use. With three capsules in a surface-mount boundary design, you should expect optimum performance at all times.

Its 180-degree pickup pattern has a 25-foot range, and that is why it is perfect for podiums, courtrooms, conference rooms, connected classrooms, and so on. Also, its low-profile design is a plus, and it can rest on any flat surface without any issues. That is why this product is discrete and comfortable to use every day.

It’s also compatible with all free and paid web conferencing services such as ooVoo and Skype. It makes use of boundary microphone technology so that you can achieve high-quality sound. Besides, its automatic gain control and built-in custom circuitry guarantee the production of smooth-, professional-sounding conferences, not minding your location. You can use it with echo canceling software for optimum performance.

  • All-metal construction for greater durability.

  • Superior sound quality in all environments, including noisy ones.

  • Conveniently includes 6-foot USB cable use.



The TONOR USB conference microphone comes with an omnidirectional pickup pattern, which guarantees ultimate sound pickup. With a pickup distance of 11.5 feet, you can capture sound from 360° directions. It transmits sound more clearly and loudly, making it possible for you to get the most satisfactory result. It is so effective that participants will have the opportunity of hearing themselves without raising their voices.

You can use it for small and medium meetings over the internet with the aid of Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Hangouts, Fuze, VoIP, and Zoom. It can be used for court reports, remote training, seminars, video chats, business negotiations, among others. It is easy to use as it does not require drivers to operate – you only need to plug it and start using it.

What’s more, it is harmonious with all operating systems, including Windows and macOS. You will like its mute button, which is conveniently placed for optimum flexibility. There is a built-in blue indicator light, which helps you to monitor the mic and know if it is working. It is constructed with sturdy metal material, and that is why its durability cannot be disputed.


  • Require no drivers – plug and play.
  • Built-in blue indicator light to monitor the mic.
  • Require no drivers – plug and play.


  • Sound quality could be improved.



One of the best conference table mics you will find on the market right now is the MXL AC-400 Gooseneck Microphone. It is designed to work at an optimal level even when used in demanding situations. You can use it alone and you can connect up to 3 external mics to it. Its mute speech switch guarantees an absolute control of communication when the conference is going on.

It is designed with a solid metal, and that is why you can rely on its sturdiness over time. You can use this mic for clear communication over the internet using your laptop or desktop in any location. Its unique pickup pattern guarantees optimum pickup of only the speaker without the surrounding noise.

Besides, it is compatible with voice recognition, conferencing and dictation software. It is an ideal product for any office environment and comes with a headphone jack for sound monitoring. This is the right product for you if you want your conference to be successful at all times.

  • Adjustable, flexible 15-inch gooseneck.
  • Individual mute button.
  • Can connect three AC-40EXT mics for improved coverage.


  • Picks up a lot of background noise.



This ceiling-mounted array kit is your best bet if you want a product that will make it possible to have successful conferences. The kit includes white microphone array, 12-inch white drop-down cable, white ceiling mounting base, 24-inch white drop-down cable, RJ45 receptacle to mini-phoenix mixer adaptor cable and 25-foot RJ-45 plenum rated cat 5 cables.

If you are organizing a conference that requires high-quality audio, this is the perfect product to go for. It is easy to install and very affordable, guaranteeing first-class audio quality. The array has three microphones fitted together to form a single unit. That is why you can expect the production of quality sound at all times.

Its unidirectional pickup pattern ensures optimum pickup of the direction and ignores surrounding noise while maintaining full 360° coverage. It is drop-ceiling installation is as easy as ABC, with various installation options. Each mic in the array can cover up to 8 feet in radius, and that is this product is one of the most sought-after on the market right now.

  • Includes RJ45 receptacle to the Mini-Phoenix mixer adapter.
  • Comes with three wide-range microphones for better performance.
  • Adaptive ambient gating controls adjust the mic to changing background noise and eliminate it.


  • Better suited for an office environment.



Our final product is by Kaysuda, who offer a fantastic bluetooth speakerphone. This peripheral is unique, because it offers both audio recording and ouput within one unit. In addition, this model can be connected to your laptop, computer, or phone via Bluetooth.

This would be an ideal purchase if you are on the move a lot, and have a lot of team meetings (sales anyone?). It's convenient because it has both a microphone and set of speakers - at a very reasonable price too.

This wouldn't be so ideal in a busy office setting, or if you are in conference calls with a lot of people. It is priced accordingly, however should not be underestimated.


  • 360 degree audio recording capability.
  • Bluetooth, compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Additional USB connection.


  • The buttons on the device are touch activated, with no physical feedback.

Buying Guide

Why use a special microphone for conference calls?

Buying a microphone is not a one size fits all purchase. Some microphones are better suited for vocals, others better at reducing background noise. In the case of a conference call, you want high quality audio whilst minimizing echos and background noise.

Differences in your environment will also dictate which microphone you purchase. If you are in a large conference room, you may need multiple microphones which can link together for proper coverage. On the other hand, if you are at home, a singlular desk microphone will be perfect.

What is your room like? A traditional conference room can be prone to echos  due to the lack of furniture. Ideally a super-cardioid polar pattern is used, in order to reduce the background noise.

Different Polar Patterns

The types of polar patterns are omnidirectional, cardioid, super-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and bi-directional. Each of these polar patterns represent how audio is picked up by the microphone.

An omnidirectional microphone is equally sensitive from all angles; picking up all audio in the room. Cardioid on the other hand is sensitive from infront of the microphone, however will not pick up audio from behind.

Therefore, to eliminate background noise a cardioid or cardioid-variant is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best microphone for Zoom Meetings?

Our research revealed the MXL AC404 was the best microphone for zoom meetings. Typically Zoom meetings are conducted on a laptop or computer, therefore a USB peripheral is ideal. This particular model includes a 6-foot USB cable, and features a 180 degree pickup pattern (cardioid) to eliminate that pesky background noise.