Best Karaoke Machine For Kids

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned karaoke session? Hanging out with all your friends, singing the club classics such as I Will Always Love You by Whitney Housten or We Are The Champions by Queen. 

However, where does this love of singing out of tune come from? Could it be the first time we were exposed to a karaoke machine at our friends ninth birthday party? We sang for hours and woke up the next morning with only a ghost of a voice.

If you have a similar story to ours, you’ll probably remember the immense feeling of joy and happiness when it came to your turn to grab the microphone and show off your skills. 

Well, if you’ve found your way onto our article it most likely means that it’s time to pass the baton to a child in your life - a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, or perhaps a family friend’s child. 

When introducing a loved one into the world of such a fun experience, you want to make sure that the karaoke machine you choose is the best one that you can get your hands on,  right? 

Models for kids often tend to be smaller so that it’s not towering over them, and if there are songs programmed in they’ll be more suited to the age range. 

Below we’ll be discussing the five best karaoke machines for kids that are available on the market at the moment, as well as a buyers guide and a few frequently asked questions to help you make sure you choose the best model for your individual gift recipient. 

Top 5 Best Karaoke Machine For Kids



This top-rated karaoke machine is ideal for all kids parties thanks to its 54 LED lights which are multi-colored to amp up the excitement of your karaoke session. The lights are within the speaker as well as around the main adjustable knob.

You can adjust the brightness of these lights and they change colors to give a disco ball feel. Moreover, the LED display shows you the name and artist of the song you are currently singing. 

The connectivity of this karaoke machine is impressive with Bluetooth capabilities so you can sing songs straight from your phone or tablet.

There is also a port for an RCA cable so you can connect your machine to your TV to give the singers a larger screen to read the lyrics off of. 

Not only can you play songs through your devices, but there is also a CD player which can play CDs, including those of which have graphics attached to them.

While we understand that CDs aren’t the main way people listen to music anymore, you cannot beat a good karaoke graphic - and they’re probably pretty inexpensive, too!


  • Singing Machine has an app that you can download to sing lots of karaoke classics. 
  • 54 LED lights to amp up any kids party.
  • The controls are easy for kids to use and clearly labeled.


  • The microphone is not the best quality. 
  • Not the best customer service. 


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Next up is a karaoke machine made specifically with portability in mind, thanks to the lightweight design and useful handle.

Not to mention that it is super easy to use - all you have to do is connect your smartphone or tablet, either through the Bluetooth function or an aux-in cord, and choose a song to stream!  

This model works with all karaoke apps that you can download on your phone, so you can use your devices for your screen to display the lyrics. 

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of this karaoke machine is the large light in the middle of its body. This is made up of multicolored LED lights that can be adjusted with the 14 different lighting modes.

No matter what vibe the party is, there’s a lighting mode for all occasions. Is the party more relaxed? 

You may want to use the breath mode. Or is it more of a wild party with lots of sweets and sugary drinks? If that’s the case, perhaps the pulse mode is better suited. 

The effects are where this karaoke machine really shines, as there are five different voice effects to choose from, including alien, echo, and baritone.

What’s more is there are also sound effects that you can play after each performance to keep the party morale up, including cheers, applause, and air horns. 


  • Two ports to use two microphones at once. 
  • Large LED light to get the party started.
  • Sound and voice effects.


  • It only comes with one microphone. 
  • Batteries are not included. 


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Now onto a unique and interesting alternative to a big and bulky karaoke machine - a karaoke system that fits into the tiny shell of a microphone!

The speaker is in the shape of a ring and attached to the shaft of the microphone so your kid can take their machine wherever they want without any of the hassle. What’s more is that the speaker has LED lights within it to give your party more of a disco theme.

We all know kids karaoke can be a little hit and miss - we love them, but perhaps we don’t love listening to them sing into a loud microphone for hours on end.

Luckily, Weird Tails has designed the microphone head to be covered in three layers of netting to reduce the unflattering noise which can affect your kid’s performance. This gives them more confidence and you the ability to listen to them just a little while longer. 

There are five voice effects pre-programmed into the microphone, including child voice, female voice, male voice, old man voice, and the original sound. If you hear a strange woman’s voice coming from the room holding the party, don’t be alarmed! 

You can recharge the batteries to keep the machine ready for any surprise karaoke sessions, and you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the machine through Bluetooth pairing.

What’s more is your kids can record themselves singing through your phone to watch back for years to come! 


  • Portable karaoke machine. 
  • Features to make the singer sound as good as possible. 
  • It can connect to your phone and record you singing to look back on.


  • Duets cannot be performed properly. 
  • Not made of very high-quality materials. 


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Our next karaoke machine is designed for younger children, aged as young as four years old. Having said that, many happy customers have raved about how they can still use it to sing with their kids and don’t have any problems.

This model is adjustable so you can make it taller or shorter depending on the age of your child, and it comes with two microphones installed for duets and parties. You can also remove the stand altogether to make this machine portable, so say goodbye to boring parties! 

The head of the karaoke machine has a designated area to hold a tablet where you can play karaoke videos to help the kids follow the lyrics, and you can connect the tablet to the machine through either Bluetooth or an aux-in cord. 

There are six different voice effects - robot, chipmunk, echo, male, female, and radio - so no karaoke session is ever the same, and your kids can even record themselves to listen to their number one singles over and over again.

The settings are simple to use and clearly labeled as to not overwhelm younger users. 


  • Two microphones included. 
  • Different methods of connectivity. 
  • Adjustable stand which can also be removed.


  • Needs four C batteries which are not included. 
  • May seem a little kiddy-ish for older children. 


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The last karaoke machine we’ll be looking at today is the Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System, which is another karaoke machine at the end of the microphone. The wireless speaker on the bottom of the handle is an 808 precision-tuned model which delivers crisp and full-range audio effortlessly. 

Connect your phone to this system and stream any song you want to sing to within seconds. There is an option to play any of the six sound effects, which include cheers, air horns and clapping, which can really top the whole performance off.

Moreover, there are five voice effects including echo, alien, and baritone to add some comedy to the party. 

This karaoke machine is rechargeable through a USB cable, and it has a maximum playtime of six hours - which is more than enough karaoke time if you ask us, or any parent.

The shaft of the microphone illuminates with multicolored lights to further add to the disco theme. 

Finally, the setting switches are positioned in a uniform line down the barrel of the microphone, and there are only five buttons as to not overwhelm younger kids who don’t know how to control things with lots of buttons to press. 


  • Lightweight and extremely portable. 
  • Completely wireless. 
  • Easy to use and connect.


  • Only one microphone so you cannot perform duets. 
  • No screen to read lyrics off of.

Best Karaoke Machine For Kids Buying Guide


A lot of kids love to sing, but it is more than likely that their voices aren’t going to be fully developed into their full singing potential yet. To save their confidence levels from a less than perfect performance, some karaoke machines offer settings such as echo, to add more depth, tempo, to adjust the song speed, and bass, to make the lower notes more prominent.

Plus, it’s another thing for the kids to play and experiment with to develop their knowledge in singing. 


Most karaoke machines only come with one microphone, which is perfect for practicing the art of singing, but how are the kids going to perform duets at their parties? You may want to choose a model that offers a jack input that allows an additional microphone to be used to avoid this disappointment. 


Children may find an adult karaoke machine slightly too difficult to use due to all the different buttons and settings. A good model for kids should be easier to use and only take a few seconds for them to find their favorite song, or you may find that they lose interest quite quickly.

Depending on the age of the recipient, you may want to adjust how many features the karaoke machine has. 

If you really want to win the award for the best gift, you may want to choose a model that included LED lights. Some of these lights flash to the beat or change appearance depending on the song, so you may want to pay attention to whether your machine includes this interesting feature. 


As we mentioned earlier, a karaoke machine can make or break a party. Kids may want to take their model to their friends’ houses during slumber parties, so choosing a portable model is a beneficial feature.

For a karaoke machine to be as portable as it could be, it should be lightweight, not too big, and be powered by rechargeable batteries. The last feature isn’t a necessity as an outlet plug isn’t too difficult to transport, however, it can still prove helpful. 


You cannot use a karaoke machine without backing tracks! Most newer models feature Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play songs through the machine from your phone, however some others have USB ports or RCA cables.

Make sure the model you choose has the best connectivity for your individual recipient so that they can actually use their machine. 


The speakers are how the singers will be able to hear the backing track during their performance. While the speakers of a karaoke machine for children don’t have to be the best quality, it’s best to make sure they’re somewhat reasonable to avoid confusion and disappointment.

If your chosen model doesn’t come with its own speakers, you should make sure that you have the correct accessories to be able to plug it into some external speakers or the television. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for karaoke at home?

Setting up your own homemade karaoke system is surprisingly easy, however, you may not have all the necessary equipment lying around your home and therefore may need to purchase some pieces. Firstly, you’re going to need a microphone that can be connected to some type of speaker. 

Then rig up your speakers to be able to play music from your phone or a CD - any source of music will do. Popular places to find karaoke tracks are sites such as YouTube. You can either connect this music source to the same speakers as your microphone or different, depending on how many separate speaker systems you have. 

No karaoke setup would be complete without a screen displaying the lyrics which get colored in as you sing them, so connect your smartphone or tablet to your television if you want a big screen, or simply prop your device up and follow them off of that. 

Now all that’s left to do is get some friends around and start the party!

Should I buy a karaoke machine for my child?

We say yes! Karaoke machines are excellent for a number of reasons for children, and there are a load of benefits that come with singing. Beginning with the physical benefits, singing can actually increase the performance of your heart and keep the blood nicely oxygenated. This prevents illness and increases productivity. 

Singing songs can also help children to develop their speech and language skills, as they’ll be more likely to remember the sounds of the songs and mimic them later. Moreover, singing is an ideal way of letting children express themselves and let their emotions run free.

Karaoke is also a social activity that can bring friends and family closer together, which can increase your child’s happiness. 

Having said that, if your child is shy and doesn’t like people hearing them sing, you may want to refrain from purchasing a big and scary machine that they might think will let everyone hear them singing. Instead, perhaps choose a karaoke machine that allows you to turn the volume low so they can use it without anyone hearing them so they feel safer and not as scared.