Best Computer Microphone

When you buy a new laptop you may find that it doesn’t come with a microphone. On others, you may find that the built-in microphones are of poor quality. 

Computer microphones serve many different purposes, some professional and some more casual and hobby-based. Whatever you find yourself needing one for you, finding a high quality one is a must.

The microphone that you choose for your computer depends on several different factors including your budget and the type of microphone that you are looking to purchase. 

Below, we have selected and reviewed our top five picks of the best computer microphones and included a handy little buyers guide at the end with all of our tips for finding the best product. 

Are you in a hurry? If you don’t have the time to continue reading, we have chosen our top pick for you below.

Top 5 Best Computer Microphones



For our top pick, we have selected this USB Gaming computer condenser PC mic from the brand TONOR. Using this microphone you can enjoy streaming, podcasting, recording vocals, and gaming. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows laptops and computers. 

With a USB 2.0 data port, this TC-777 doesn't require any additional software, sound cards are phantom power. It can simply just be plugged in and then you can begin using it immediately. This makes it an ideal pick for computer gamers in particular.

Designed with quality as a focus, this microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern which only captures the smooth and crisp sound and surpasses any of that unneeded background noise, this is ideal if you intend on using this microphone for vocal recording purposes. 

Set up is super easy with this microphone. As it comes with a tripod, you simply need to unfold this, then adjust the position of the pop filter. Using the threaded inserts the shock mount can be unscrewed and then attached to a boom stand. 

This microphone comes with all of the essential bits and pieces that you need in your set up, aside from the microphone there is also a tripod as mentioned, a mini shock mount, a pop filter, a manual, and a service card. 


  • This microphone is super easy to use and doesn't require any additional software, it can be set up and ready in a few minutes. 
  • It is compatible with Macs or windows, laptops and computers, and even Xbox's.
  • The tripod has non-slip rubber balls on the bottom of the legs which keep it stable and prevent it from moving, even on smooth surfaces. 
  • This microphone produces sound of great quality.
  • It is good value for money especially as it contains all of the essential kit that you will require.


  • The sound it produces is a little loud which some people may find overwhelming.



Following on from this we have chosen the Jounivo USB desktop Microphone as our next pick. Similarly to our top pick, this one also has the plug and play function, without requiring additional software it simply needs to be plugged in and you can start recording immediately. 

This device has been constructed with a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck design so you can shape it to the best angle and it can pick up sounds from 360 degrees with high sensitivity. There is also dragon voice dictation and you can even talk to Cortana.

Features on this microphone include a mute button that you can use to mute and unmute your microphone in between recording and an LED indicator which tells you the working status of the microphone at the current time.

The green light identifies that your microphone is connected, the brighter green light symbolizes that the microphone is working and the red light signifies that the microphone has been muted. 

As a premium omnidirectional condenser microphone, it comes equipped with the top range noise-cancelling technology; it can effectively identify your voice clearly whilst reducing any unwanted background noises and echoing. This is particularly useful when you are trying to record in a professional setting.


  • It is excellent value for money, ideal for those shopping on a budget.
  • The adjustable neck of the microphone enables you to move it to the best position for capturing sound.
  • The LED indicator lights are ideal for alerting you of the status of the microphone. 
  • It is available in different designs so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.
  • It is durably constructed so more than likely to see you through many uses.
  • Its compact design allows it to fit easily into your desk space.


  • With this microphone, you need to speak quite near to it so that it can pick up your voice due to sensitivity regarding background noise.



Next up we have chosen the Samson Meteor USB condenser microphone. This USB powered microphone can be used in accompaniment to Mac, Pc's, and iPads, and the plug and play function means that once it is connected it can be used straight away.

The Meteor Microphone has been designed with a stand so that you can take it anywhere with you and set it up easily. For example, if you regularly enjoy recording podcasts and find that this often takes you to different environments then you can take this with you and simply pop it up when needed. 

With a smooth frequency response of 20hz–20khz it truly captures every detail of your voice as you record. With a 1/8 “ headphone which has both level control and zero-latency monitoring, this microphone is going to capture great quality sound.

This microphone also features a volume knob which leaves you in complete control and a mute button which is great for giving you audio privacy if you find yourself in any video conferences.

What's great about this microphone is that the cardioid pickup pattern technology means that audio in front of the microphone will be captured whilst any background or surrounding noise will be minimized. 

The smart color choice oozes a sleek and modern display and it would be a great addition to any office space. Additionally, the microphone is constructed with Zinc Die aluminum and a chrome-plated finish, which ensures that this product is going to last you for a considerable length of time. 


  • It has a very professional feel and design which is great if it is intended to serve professional purposes. 
  • The stand allows you to position the microphone at the best angle to capture noise and it's easy to fold away for convenient transportation. 
  • Available in three different, smart colors it can fit perfectly into any setting.
  • The microphone features a built-in headphone jack which is ideal for allowing you to hear yourself as you speak.
  • It produces great sound quality.


  • Some customers who have purchased this microphone have experienced issues with gaining a stable connection to their laptops or PCs.



With raving reviews and an impressive star rating, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone is certainly a strong contender. It is ideal for recording vocals, podcasts, voice over, interviews, conference calls, and much more and is compatible with both Pcs and Macs.

If you are after a quality microphone then this one will not disappoint, with a tri capsule array this device can impressively pick up your sound regardless of the situation or setting. 

With this microphone you are in full control, the mute button stops the microphone from picking up noise if required and there is also a zero-latency headphone output.

You can switch between four different modes which are perfect for choosing the best for your needs.

Coming with a compact, but sturdy base it is likely to fit into any desk space whilst allowing you to alter the microphone to the most comfortable position for talking into.


  • This microphone is available in a wide range of different colors, all with a sleek but modern aesthetic.
  • The headphone output and volume control give you full control as you can alter the sensitivity of the mic too.
  • The built-in headphone jack is great for allowing you to listen to your voice as you speak.
  • The sound quality is exceptional and this microphone is brilliant for picking up sound, even when from a slight distance.


  • In comparison to the other microphones that we have mentioned, this one is more expensive. 
  • The buttons and knobs are a little difficult to see and turn and can require some extra effort which may be inconvenient for some people.



Our final choice comes in the form of the Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone. With a versatile two capsule design, it is great for not only giving your voice a stronger presence but it works to pick up every detail of your voice too. The result is great sounding recordings at a professional level.

As a product that is dominant in this industry, you really can't go wrong with this microphone. It is great for practically all vocal recordings like podcasting, streaming, voice overs, and YouTubing. 

The multi pickup points are another big selling factor, if you intend on recording or streaming then the cardioid pattern will be your go-to. For conference calls then the omnipattern is going to work best in this setting.

The quirky but stylish retro design, really makes this microphone stand out, and not only is it going to capture fantastic quality sound, but it is also going to be a great addition to your desktop too.

Incorporating a 10 dB pad you will capture clean, distortion-free sound, even when working with louder voices and instruments alike.


  • This microphone comes with an adjustable desktop stand which allows you to position it near to the source of the sound.
  • It is available in two retro but elegant colors. 
  • It is super easy to use, with the plug and play function you can simply get it out of the box and begin using straight away.
  • The custom condenser capsule produces crystal clear top-quality sound.
  • It is good value for money


  • If you have a windows computer, you may experience some minor issues with connecting this microphone to your computer. 
  • Customers who have purchased this microphone have experienced difficulties with maintaining a steady volume as it is prone to dropping and increasing.

Best Computer Microphones Buying Guide

The market for computer microphones is pretty expansive with a variety of different options to choose from. They can vary in design, sound quality, power source, price, and the purpose that they are most useful for. Below, we have included a range of different factors to consider before making your purchase. 

The Type of Microphone

There are many different microphones available on the market, most tend to be USB powered which are great for convenience as they are very practical, they simply need to be plugged into the USB ports of your laptop or computer. This saves expenses from needing to purchase any extra accessories too.

You can also find many condenser microphones, although these tend to retail towards the lower end of the budget. Different individuals may develop different preferences concerning the style of the computer microphone that they prefer. 

The use of the Microphone

When using microphones as a computer attachment they can be used in several different ways. Some people may choose to use them for casual purposes like gaming, streaming, and communicating in group chats. Others may intend to use them for podcasting or vlogging while for some they may be useful as a professional tool for recording vocals or producing music.

Your intended uses of the microphone are undoubtedly going to influence the product that you purchase. Some will be more suitable for your uses than others. 

The computer that it is going to be used with

Most microphones, those that we have listed in particular, tend to be compatible with Macs, Windows, XBox and PS4. This is mainly because both of these PC systems tend to support USB ports. With many microphones nowadays they can simply be connected via the USB which saves you having to invest in any additional software and accessories. 

The sound quality

Of course, sound quality is a top priority in regards to sourcing the best quality microphone. Ideally, you will want one that is going to cancel out any unwanted background noise whilst capturing the smooth and crisp sounds.

Microphones capture sounds at different pitches too, some will seem as though the noise is particularly loud while with others it may be a little more subtle. Again, how you are intending to use this microphone is going to decide on the strength of the sound that you are going to need.


Computer Microphones can vary considerably in price. There are some that retail for around $30 and others that can be more than $100. The price that you are willing to spend on your computer microphone may very well depend on the intended purpose of this piece of equipment.

If you are going to use one to compliment a hobby then you may be happy to choose a more inexpensive option. 

However, if you are using a microphone for more professional purposes such as recording vocals, or podcasts or anything to do with employment, you may feel happier investing a little more. 

We have included some great options to cater to different budgets so you are definitely going to find the best one for you.

Additional Accessories

When you invest in a computer microphone you may find that some on the market offer you more in terms of additional accessories than others. Some will come with the tripods and extras that you need whilst others will require separate purchases.

This is important to bear in mind as this can all impact the amount that you find yourselves spending. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer microphone?

Some computers come with built-in microphones whilst others do not. You may find that your computer or laptop has a built-in microphone but it lacks quality. If this is the case and there are specific reasons as to why you require one, or you need one for professional purposes, then yes you are more than likely to need a computer microphone.

If you frequently find yourself recording, gaming, taking calls, or podcasting, an add on microphone is going to be a worthy investment. 

Is a good computer microphone expensive?

Not necessarily, there are some pretty good options available that are budget-friendly. Of course, you may find some that are a little pricey and others that seem relatively cheap. How much you spend on your microphone is up to personal choice. Some people may want to spend more than others. We have included a mixture of examples above that retail for varying prices.

Even some of the cheaper ones have great reviews in terms of quality and performance so this is worth looking into if you are on a budget.