Best Headphones For Podcasting

It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, and one of the most popular ways people are conveying their thoughts to the world is through podcasting.

Podcasts provide entertainment, factual information and are generally a great way to interact with audiences all over the world from the comfort of your own home. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast of your own, then one thing you should know is that you need the appropriate equipment to record with.

One of the most important bits of kit you’ll need for podcasting is a really good set of headphones. This will allow you to hear yourself, your co-hosts and any guests you’re inviting onto your podcast clearly, and will remove any chances of awkward moments where you’re unsure of what has just been said.

However, as with all technical equipment, finding the best for podcasting can be a minefield that is filled with too much jargon and confusing specifications, leaving you wondering just what it is you need to be looking for. 

So, to take the hassle out of finding the best pair of headphones for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites below, along with a handy buying guide that’s filled with hints and tips on what to think about before settling on your final purchase. 

Join us on our journey and you’ll soon have an amazing pair of headphones that will deliver the premium sound quality you need for recording your very own show!

Top 5 Best Headphones For Podcasting



If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that can really do it all, then the ATH-M50xBT could be the perfect choice for all of your podcasting needs. 

Their over-ear design gives them amazing noise-cancelling properties, which is perfect when you're trying to have a one-on-one conversation with a guest, and don’t want to be distracted by any noise pollution, and the professionally graded earpad and headband material provide you with ultimate comfort and ensure durability.

Completely wireless, these headphones give you total freedom of movement whilst you record your podcast and won’t leave you feeling chained in place.

There are also microphone and volume controls built into the ear cups that give you quick and easy access for adjusting your levels without needing to reach for your computer or soundboard. 

On top of all of these fantastic features, these wireless headphones come with access to a voice assistant, giving you even more control over them without even having to press a single button.

You’ll also get 40 hours of use from a single charge and, when they’re not in use, they can be folded down for compact storage. They even include a handy carrying pouch so you can transport and store them safely.


  • A wireless, Bluetooth compatible design gives you freedom of movement as you record your podcast
  • Their over-ear construction provides amazing noise cancelling properties 
  • The earpads and headband are built from professionally graded materials for unrivalled comfort and ultimate durability
  • Volume and microphone controls are built directly into the ear cups for quick and easy adjustments
  • Also comes with access to a voice assistant, allowing you totally hands free control over the headphones


  • This model can only be charged via a micro USB, rather than the standard USB-C port



Perfect for any professional and studio recording, the DT 770 Pro from Beyerdynamic provide pure, high resolution sound as well as exceptional acoustic definition, allowing you to clearly hear every word you and your podcast guests are saying.

Their closed, over-ear design helps to block out and cancel any background noise pollution, whilst the soft, velour earpads and padded, adjustable headband provide amazing comfort regardless of how long you’re wearing them for.

This model also features an innovative bass reflex system, which ensures that even ultra-low bass sounds are defined and produced with crystal clear clarity. This genius system also means that any high-frequency sounds are also translated into a clear and concise sound. 

A single-corded design allows you to easily remove the headphones with a single hand, and the cable is 3m in length, so you’ll still have plenty of room to maneuver around your studio without feeling chained to the spot.

Topped off with a 2 year guarantee, these are built to provide you with amazing sound quality and durability.


  • Designed specifically for use in studios and professional sound recording environments
  • A closed, over-ear construction provides great noise-cancelling properties 
  • The soft, velour earpads and adjustable, padded headband give you ultimate comfort when in use
  • Contains an innovative bass reflex system that translates ultra-low and high-frequency sounds into clearer tones 
  • 3 metres of cable gives you freedom of movement around your studio, and the single corded design allows you to easily and quickly place and remove them from your head


  • Although the 3m length of cable gives you a good amount of freedom of movement, they aren’t going to offer you the same level of freedom as wireless headphones



The winner of over 20 awards, the Crossfade M-100 from V-MODA come with a variety of features that will provide you with everything you need to take your podcasting to the next level.

Featuring 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers, these headphones are built to deliver premium sound quality and use inner and outer rings to separate the bass and prevent it from interfering with mid and high range sounds.

This means that you’ll be getting crystal clear vocals and minimal sound leakage from any surrounding noise that could accidentally get picked up during recording.

Constructed using superior lightweight materials, they are extremely comfortable to wear and won’t leave you feeling weighed down by them. To add to their supreme comfort, the ear cups feature Ergosoft™ foam cushions that mold to the contours of your ears, and a vegan leather headband for both comfort and sturdiness. 

Their single-cable design makes them easy to place and remove from your head, and there is also a microphone and volume adjustment control button built into the cable for easy access.

And, when you’re finished recording for the day, a unique CliqFold™ design allows you to fold them down and store them compactly.


  • Features 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers that use inner and outer rings to separate the bass and stop it from bleeding into other sound levels
  • Built using superior lightweight materials to provide comfort and durability
  • The ear cups are constructed using Ergosoft™ foam cushions that mold to the contours of your ears, and the headband is built from vegan leather for great stability
  • A single-cable design makes placing them and removing them from your head quick and easy, and there are microphone and volume controls built into the cable
  • Also features a unique Cliqfold™ design so you can fold the headphones down for compact storage when not in use


  • Some customers that previously purchased these headphones found that the cable was a bit shorter than they would have liked



Featuring an expansive soundstage that delivers clear high frequency sounds and a warm bass, the SRH1540 Closed-Back Headphones from Shure are ideal for providing you with the clear vocal sounds needed for recording a podcast.

This amazing sound quality is achieved using integrated 40mm neodymium drivers that are paired with a closed back design, giving you superior sound quality whilst simultaneously cancelling out any background noise. 

Constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum, they are lightweight enough to wear comfortably without sacrificing their durability. Their comfort is extended further by an ergonomic, dual-frame padded headband that is fully adjustable, and ear cups made from low density, slow recovery foam. 

The oxygen-free copper cable is reinforced with a Kevlar™ jacket that provides excellent durability, and the connectors are tipped with gold-plating that provides a secure and stable connection to headphones.

These headphones also come with an additional cable, replacement ear pads and a zippered storage case, allowing you to keep them safe when they’re not in use and giving you even more value for money.


  • Features an expanded soundstage that delivers quality sound and ensures crystal clear vocals
  • The closed back design works in harmony with the soundstage to help cancel out any background noise pollution
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, and features a padded headband and ear cups built using slow recovery foam for ultimate comfort
  • Gold-plate tipped cable connectors provide a secure cable connection to the headphones and a Kevlar™ jacket surrounds the cable for extra durability
  • Comes complete with an additional cable, replacement ear pads and a zippered storage case


  • These headphones are at the higher end of the price spectrum, however the quality speaks for itself and they are ideal for podcasting



The cable-free design of the Momentum 3 from Sennheiser gives you total freedom of movement to move around your studio and, paired with a host of other fantastic features, makes them ideal for podcasting.

Able to separate each frequency and allowing you to hear the bass, mid-range and treble all together in perfect harmony, these headphones deliver superior sound quality that works harmoniously with the active noise cancellation functionality to drown out any noise pollution in a range of environments.

They also feature a Transparent Hearing function, that is designed to allow you to still hear what is going on inside your headphones whilst being able to clearly hear your outside surroundings - perfect if you need to listen to your guest in one ear and still be able to hear a producer.

Built using matte steel arms for fantastic durability, they also offer an amazing level of comfort thanks to a genuine leather head strap and padded ear cups. They even offer seamless integration with your phone’s voice assistant, allowing you to operate them totally hands free when you need to.


  • The wireless design gives you ultimate freedom of movement whilst the headphones are in use
  • Are able to separate different frequencies and deliver them back to you in perfect harmony for superior sound quality
  • A closed-back design and noise cancelling function helps to drown out any background noise 
  • Also feature a Transparent Hearing function that allows you to continue listening to your headphones whilst still being able to hear the outside world
  • Matte steel arms provide excellent durability and a leather head strap and padded ear cups ensure total comfort


  • The included carry case is a soft design, so may not protect your headphone during transportation as well as a hard case would

Best Headphones For Podcasting Buying Guide

A good pair of headphones can help you take your podcasting to the next level by providing you with the clear sound you need to clearly hear yourself and your guests, and ensure that you’re comfortable whilst you’re recording.

But, before you settle on your final decision, it’s important to take some time to research the features and functionality of the headphones you’re thinking about purchasing. Below, we’ve outlined some key points that will take the guesswork out of it, and will help you find the perfect pair of headphones for podcasting the first time around. 

Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, the most important thing to think about is the sound quality that they are going to be able to provide you with.

Being able to hear vocals clearly and concisely is of paramount importance, as you’ll need to be able to keep the conversation flowing well and make sure that there aren’t any moments of awkwardness created through not being able to hear your co-hosts or guests.

A good thing to look for to ensure that you get the clearest vocals possible is a pair of headphones that can breakdown and separate different sound levels and frequencies, then deliver them to you harmoniously stitched back together. This is usually achieved using something called ‘drivers’, and anything in the range of 40mm-50mm is perfect for getting those clear sound levels through.

Wireless VS. Wired

Another thing that you might want to consider before purchasing your headphones is whether a wireless or a wired pair would be a better choice for your individual needs. Both of them come with their own benefits, and although personal preference will play a large role in your choice, it’s also important to think about how they can work for you.

Wireless is a great choice for allowing you better freedom of movement, so you’ll be able to move around your studio or recording space with greater ease. They are also a good choice for helping you feel more comfortable as you record, since you won’t be plugged into a machine, and they’re particularly good if you tend to go out and about as part of your podcast recording.

A pair of wired headphones will come with a cable that needs to be plugged into a computer or soundboard, and will keep you pretty much in place throughout the recording process. Although this style of headphones may leave you feeling a bit more constrained, they often come with cables that are still a good length (around 3m) and you also won’t have to worry about making sure they are charged ahead of recording. 

Noise Cancellation

As with the quality of sound, you need to make sure that the vocals you’re recording are not going to be distorted or interrupted by any noise pollution. So, with that in mind, it’s also a good idea to look at what noise cancelling properties your headphones have.

Most of the time this will come down to the design of the headphones themselves, with a closed-back design having been specially constructed to encase your ears within the ear cups and cut out background noise, often aided further by padding built into the ear cups as well.

There are some headphones that also come with specific noise cancelling functions, and these will allow you to adjust the level of noise cancellation depending on the environment you’re in. For example, if you’re recording in a particularly busy atmosphere (such as a coffee shop or restaurant) you’ll be able to block out more background noise than you would choose to do so if recording in a studio.


A good pair of headphones is often accompanied by a hefty price tag, so it’s only fair that you’ll want them to last as long as they possibly can. To ensure that they have a long life and can provide you with years or quality sound, take some time to look at the material they are constructed with.

Most headphones are built using aluminum. This is a great material as it’s really strong, so will offer you a fantastic level of durability throughout the years, but is also lightweight enough to not leave you feeling weighed down by the headphones whilst you’re wearing them.

Steel is another good material that is often used thanks to it’s super-strength, however it is a little heavier than aluminum so could become uncomfortable when worn for longer periods of time.


Whilst we consider the comfort that the material your headphones are made of will provide you with, it’s also a good idea to take a look at the levels of comfort offered by the different components of the headphones as well.

A padded headband that is covered with a soft, durable material such as leather is a good option to go for. This will ensure that no metal digs into the top of your head as you wear the headphones, and will provide cushioning to keep you comfortable.

Adjustability is another good thing to look for in a headband as well, as you’ll be able to play with the width of the headphones and find the most comfortable fit.

Some attention also needs to be paid to the ear cups when looking at the comfort levels of your headphones. Any ear cups that are padded will provide a nice amount of cushioning and will help to prevent your ears from feeling crushed or like something is digging into them. 

It’s often a good idea to check that your entire ear will be encased by the ear cups as well, not only for noise cancelling properties, but also to make sure the tops of bottoms of your ears don’t get pinched or pinned back whilst you’re wearing your headphones.

Storage & Transportation

Keeping your headphones safe whilst they are not in use will also help add to their longevity, and many headphones now come with features and accessories to help you do this.

A really good thing to look for in a pair of headphones is the ability to fold them down. This allows you to reduce their size and compactly store them away until you need them again, which is also perfect if you’re taking them on the road with you as you’ll be able to fit them into your luggage without taking up a large amount of room.

Some headphones also come with cases as extra accessories, which provides you with a safe place to keep them for both storage and transportation. The best storage cases are made from hard materials, such as plastic, as these will do a better job of keeping your headphones protected from bumps and scrapes. However there are some that come with softer, fabric cases if that’s your preference.

Extra Features

Finally, take a look at what other features you might be able to get from your headphones. They can be an expensive investment afterall, so the more you can get for your money the better!

Once really good features that some headphones come with is the ability to link to voice controlled assistants on your phone or smart device. This means that you’ll be able to operate them totally hands free, which is particularly good if you have a podcast that is recorded outside of a studio.

Transparent Hearing is another feature that you may find on certain headphones, and this allows you to still listen to what’s happening inside your headphones clearly, whilst also being able to hear anything that’s happening outside. This is ideal if you have a producer that you need to be able to hear, or need to still be aware of your surroundings if recording outdoors.

A new technology called Bone Conduction uses the bones aorund the inner ear to conduct sound. These types of headphones are interesting, because they don't require any inserts into or over the ear. We've rounded up the best bone conduction headphones so you don't have to, they're worth checking out as a convenient headphone alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Headphones For Recording a Podcast?

Although it’s easy to think that recording a podcast is as simple as plugging a microphone into a recording device, a pair of headphones is a piece of equipment that is often overlooked in podcasting. Headphones allow you to hear yourself and your guests more clearly by drowning out background noise, and will reduce the risk of any missed moments of audio that have been lost to noise pollution.