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Contrary to popular belief, a microphone is the most essential piece of the recording puzzle. Whether you are looking for the a Shotgun Mic for Film, it’s important to achieve the highest clarity audio for an immersive experience.

And of course, a business needs reliable and professional sounding audio. Our post on Conference Call microphones has a brilliant selection of professional sounding microphones. The is a must-have when presenting, or if you prefer a more discreet location.

Even if you aren’t involved in the music industry, microphones are still a staple piece of equipment. For those who online game, team communication is make or break in first person shooters. Whether you need a Computer Microphone or a Discord Microphone, I’ve tested them all!

If things get a bit wild on a Friday night, why not try some karaoke with a Karaoke Machine For Kids which is a great bit of fun.

We also looked out for the vocal recorders when Recording Vocals, or ASMR. In addition, you may need one of our Overhead Drum Mics, or one for an Acoustic Guitar.

Technology has evolved leaps and bounds, with several wireless microphones available on the market. These can be handy when wiring isn’t possible. Fortunately, for those who need a Wireless Headset Microphone for Church where you can find the best products from our testing.

If your audio equipment needs to be portable, our DSLR Microphones guide could be what you need. We have also reviewed Condenser Microphones Under $200.

Setting up a podcast to reach thousands has never been easier before. Everyone has an opinion, which can make for some interesting debates on hot topics. At the minimum, you will need a Podcast Microphone, and a Microphone Pre Amp.


If you’re like me and value high-fidelity audio, a pair of headphones that produce beautiful audio is essential. Unfortunately most studio grade headphones are expensive, however I have compiled a list of Budget Audiophile Headphones to choose from. 

In addition, for your morning run a pair of Bone Conduction Headphones quickly become a must-have. They use an interesting technology which allows you to listen to your favourite music, whilst also hearing your surroundings. Great when you want to get some exercise.

Podcasting is a great way to convey opinions, and reach a global audience. Being able to hear yourself through feedback stops you from shouting, and hearing your co-hosts clearly enables the natural flow of conversation. You can tell when low quality audio equipment isn’t being used, which is why I’ve reviewed Headphones For Podcasting. Check it out!