There are ways to be a woman, and the world has taught us how.

Be chill, be exciting. Be natural, be beautiful. Wear less, cover up. Be cool, be approachable. Don't stop, don't start. Speak up, not too loud. Shave down there, not too much, not that little, a little more, too much. Be real, don't be a bitch. In provincial New England, recalling e.e. cummings' words about the landscape's proper beauty and wild core, the chorus of White Hinterland's new single "Chill and Natural" tells of those Good Girls trimming their gardens in the "pretty how towns" for the boys who can't handle a wild landscape. Casey Dienel's vocals are a blue New England wind, blowing in steely pop with a living edge. The verses eviscerate with whip sharp drum sounds from the early aughts, and synths that would make Madonna quiver. Dienel played, wrote, and sang every element of the song, with help from mixer Matt LeMay, because it was "not so much a question of doing everything because I had to but because I can." It is for the girls who are abandoning shame, letting the razors rust, and letting the wildness take them out of the white clapboard and back into the squall.

Written by Kathleen Tarrant.

Released October 1, 2015.